About Festival

Festival is open to all amateur choirs and vocal ensembles from the world, which will present their repertoire of advent, christmas and sacred choir music. The international Jury panel will award GOLDEN, SILVER and BRONZE diplomas to the choirs in 5 categories. We also invite non-competetive choirs to take part. Choirs will also take part in additional concerts in Warsaw. Experience Polish Christmas atmosphere in Warsaw!
Please read the rules in the next section.


Results 2016


Media patronage


Please read the rules 2017:

Download application form 2017:

application .PDF
application .DOC

All application for 2017 edition (20-22.10.2017) should be sent till 31.05.2017.

Please send applications to:

MELODY Varsovia Cantat
Ogrodowa 27A
05-509 Jozefoslaw

You can also register by e-mail:

You can pay the registration fee by credit card here.

Choral Scores

Some examples (not compulsory) of songs by Polish composers.
Pdf format – click name songs

FEMALE or BOYS’ choirs MALE choirs
Ave Maria
O gloriosa virginum
Sepulto Domino
MIXED choirs Three songs about sea:
Cantus Sancti Casimiri
Virginum Custos
Knights’ song about the sea
Silence of the Sea

More compositions for Male choirs you can find here

In case of problems with downloading please contact us by e-mail: info@varsoviacantat.pl


In each category there are the following prizes:

I place Golden Lyre statuette and Golden diploma

II place Silver diploma

III place Bronze diploma

Romuald Twardowski Prize 1000,00 EURO will be awarded to the foreign choir for the best performance of song composed by Romuald Twardowski

There could be also several money prizes according to the funds received from our sponsors.

Jury with agreement of organizers of festival may award some additional prizes.

Each choirs that doesn’t receive any prize will get the diploma of successful participation in festival.


Choirs may participate in one of the following categories:

A. Mixed choirs – adults – all singers must be above 18 years old.
Equal voices choirs – adults (male, female)
all singers must be above 18 years old.
Youth choirs 13-19 years old
D. Children Choirs 6-16 years old
E. Chamber Choirs – 12-20 singers
X. Non-competitive choirs – participation in Gala and 2 additional concerts

In all categories 15% of the singers may be older or younger than above requirements

In categories A-D choirs must consist of at least 16 singers.
All singers must be amateurs.
This rule does not apply to conductors.


All application or correspondence please send to:

MELODY Varsovia Cantat
ul. Ogrodowa 27A
05-500 Jozefoslaw

The best way to contact us is by e-mail: info@varsoviacantat.pl

Agency Melody (representative)

tel./fax: +48 22 641 61 57 (9-16 a.m.)
Phone. + 48 603 36 16 16 ( in urgent cases please)

You can pay the registration fee by credit card here.